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home grown ALPACA yarn & products ELKTON, VA


alpaca wool doesn’t contain lanolin – which makes it less itchy than sheep wool or cashmere.

Malachite Heather 2-ply sport (SK15)_edi

Alpaca fiber is hollow or contains air pockets – this helps it insulative value – making it lighter than sheep’s wool and 3 times warmer.


insulative value

The "Green" Animal

Alpacas are called the “green animal” because of the way they treat mother earth.  They have padded feet with toes instead of hoofs.

They gently graze effectively mowing the pasture.  They nibble at the tops of grasses, rather than ripping up the grass like other grazing animals.

Icon for the environment.

They have communal “potties", they poop and pee in a communal dung pile that helps reduce parasites and keeps waste out of water ways.

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meet our animals


Abby was born in 2016 and is the guard for our alpaca girls.  She is very sweet and attentive to her herd, and very inquisitive to people and objects alike....

Alpacas_Trinity_and_Baby-Sugar heading t

We have Yearlings for sale and stud services!

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